Ordering Space Prints

Ordering your SPACE poster, fine art print, box canvas or framed print is simple:

1.     Having found an image you wish to buy, click on the BUY button (or the image).

2.     This opens a screen which shows a larger image, gives you a description of the image, and presents you with various options.

3.     Choose the size, paper and finish from the listed options.

4.     Select the quantity and then click on the ADD TO CART button.

5.     You can then continue to browse for additional prints, or proceed with your order.

6.     To complete your order click on the CHECKOUT button (or on the CHECKOUT link at the top of the page, or on the CART CONTENTS button at the top of the page).

7.     If you clicked on the CART CONTENTS button, you have the option to remove items from your basket, or change the quantity ordered.

8.     If you clicked on the CHECKOUT button, you have three options:

      ·   login (if you already have an account with us);
register a new account; or
      ·   checkout without registering an account.

9.     The checkout process consists of:

     ·   entering your details (name, email, address);
choosing how you want your order to be delivered to you;
choosing how to pay; and
     ·   entering your payment details.

10. You will receive an email confirming the order from us and the payment processing mechanism you chose to use.

If you still require help, please email Printree at info@printree.net or call on 01908 363439.

Order Received

When you place an order you will be sent a confirmation email. This email is usually sent straight away and will arrive in your In Box the next time you check your email. In addition the order will be added to your Order History which can be viewed by going to YOUR ACCOUNT. Here you will see a list of all the orders you've placed showing the Order Number, Order Date and Time and the Current Status of each order.

Should you need to contact Customer Services regarding a particular order please quote the Order Number which is displayed here (and also in the confirmation email you will have been sent).

Order Status

1.     Pending: The status of your order when first placed.

2.     Processing: The status of your order when our printing lab begins the printing process.

3.     Paypal Processing: The status of your order if you pay by Paypal and we haven't received confirmation of payment from Paypal.

4.     Posted: The status of your order once it has been printed and handed over to the Post Office for delivery.

5.     On Hold: The status if you pay by cheque or there is a query on the order; when we receive your cheque the status will be changed to Pending.

6.     Cancelled: The status of your order if the payment has not been accepted, or the goods were returned.

7.     From time to time, a Comment may accompany a status change.

A typical order will go through the following status change process: Orders that have just been placed will appear with a status of 'Pending'. Once the order has been sent to the lab for printing, its status will change to 'Processing', and when the order has been printed and despatched from the lab its status will change to 'Posted'.

Fine Art Availability

All the prints you see on this Print-Shop are always available for you to buy as we do not keep a stock of prints. To ensure we can offer you the best choice of prints and that we can produce clean accurate high quality giclee posters and fine art prints, we really do print, mount and frame your order on demand.

Value Added Tax (VAT) and TAX

All United Kingdom and European Union customers will be charged Value Added Tax (VAT) at the UK prevailing rate.  Currently, this is 20.0 per cent and VAT is included in all the prices you see on this shop.

Customers with delivery addresses outside of the European Union will have VAT deducted during the checkout process.   In these cases, the prices visible to you during the selection process will be reduced accordingly as the VAT is deducted.

European customers who are VAT registered should contact us with their VAT number and we will deduct the VAT from your invoice or alternatively you can claim it back in your own country.

Some countries may impose import duties on deliveries from the UK. Customers are responsible for any applicable customs duties or taxes that may be imposed on a delivery in the destination country.